Most people start their sewing journey from a sewing machine. Maybe it will be a gift or maybe it was something that you’ve wanted for years. Anyway, your journey only really starts when you get the machine. But once you get the machine all of it becomes too real.

Beginning of anything can be a bit overwhelming. Since you don’t know how to do anything there is a learning period. You can get better only if you take the time and effort. So let us get into how you can master sewing.

1. Getting comfortable with the machine

Every sewing machine is different and it takes time to learn all the different aspects of a machine. The users manual is the best place to start. It will have all the basics about your machine. So read it thoroughly and learn about all the parts and work. learn about the maintenance of the machine so that you can keep it in good condition. learning about the different parts of the machine is important too. The manual will help you with that.

2. Getting supplies needed for sewing

You can’t just start sewing with just some fabric and a machine. You need some other supplies too and they are important. Most basic supplies are fabric, thread, a thread ripper, pins, scissors and some bobbins. I understand some of it made sense and some didn’t. A seam ripper is something that you use to rip out stitches when you make a mistake and believe me you will make mistakes. Bobbins are cylinders used to wind threads. Others are basic supplies.

Also, try to learn the basic terminology related to sewing. Because every time you read a book about sewing a lot these will be used. And you can’t learn much without learning these. Let us not forget about sewing patterns. Every beginner needs them.

3. Attend a beginners class

This may seem like a kind of a stretch. But the help it can provide is huge. In class, you are coming in to contact with people who are the same stage of learning. You can ask a stupid question and doesn’t have to worry that someone will make fun. Also, the hands-on demonstration will help a lot in clearing your doubts. There is nothing to worry about since you will be using the simple sewing patterns.

4. Don’t look for perfection and keep practising

Practise is the only thing that can make you perfect at anything. So if you are chasing perfection, in the beginning, you are doomed to fail. Keep taking lessons, ask friends for help, look for help online. Whatever you do keep practising. Sewing takes a lot of practice and you are bound to make mistakes. Even experts make mistakes all the time. That is why you have a seam ripper, to make amends and do over the mistakes.

5. Finding out what are you passionate to sew

There are a lot of things you can sew. And most people love to keep sewing a particular item and that item is what is motivating them. So whether you love summer dresses or toddler’s dresses try to concentrate on one thing Everthing is available as simple sewing patterns, you can try the complex ones later. after a while. This is something you should think after a long time with sewing.