So you’ve started to sew and is looking to dive into projects. Here you have to be careful since selecting a strange or bad project can turn sewing into a bad experience for you. Always remember you are just a beginner. So your projects should reflect that. Hearing advice from people who have been through similar stages can help. So be sure to ask other people what their first projects were.

Here I will tell what to consider before selecting a project and list some projects for beginners. Like selecting things with easy sewing patterns.

Something you like

This is so obvious. You have to make something you like. There is a whole lot of things that you can sew. Think about what will make you happy. What will mean something to you? Surely something will pop up. Maybe it is a dress for your grandkid or an apron for yourself. It can be anything, but it should make you happy.

Something you can manage

So when I say make something you love, you may be thinking about a jacket. But that involves a lot of advanced techniques. You really can’t do it as a beginner. So always start with something small and manageable. Try something easy and succeed which will boost your confidence to work in the future. So if start with something complex, you may fail and it will ruin sewing for you.

I will be listing a few simple things you can try without difficulty. Start with one of these and then move on to complex items.

1. Apron

This is the most straightforward item you can sew. It only needs a few straight line stitches and is perfect for a beginner.

2. Fabric baskets

You can use it to hold buttons and other small stuff or maybe you can hold books or sheets in them. It is easy to stitch, and it could be done pretty fast.

3. Pouches and Bags

These are pretty straightforward. It could feel like a complex project, as long as you are not using a zip it can be done pretty easily.

4. Kimono Jacket

The ultimate aim of learning to sew a make your own dresses. So now we can look at some simple dresses you can make as a beginner. A kimono jacket can be part of your wardrobe any season and it is pretty easy to stitch too. Most of the shops willl have a simple sewing pattern for this jacket.

5. A-line skirt

These are amazingly perfect for everyone. This can be made in any size and they are pretty easy too. This only needs straight line stitches. And these stitches are pretty hard to mess up.

6. Pyjamas

Not the most fashionable item in the list, but they are personal. We use them in the comfort of own home and they make us more comfortable. These too only need some straight line stitches and is easy to make. There is no need for sewing pattern for pyjamas since they are really easy.

7. Tiered skirt

Perfect casual dress for any season, you can choose a light fabric for summer and dense for winter. Tiered fabrics are available. All you need to do is attach an elastic waistband to it.